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Main Meals 

Hot Meals 6.50

This is a rotational two week meal selection from our in house chef. To check out our menu rotations hit the link above. 

Chicken Caesar Wrap 6.00

Freshly roasted chicken with romaine lettuce parmesan cheese and Caesar dressing

Falafel Wrap 

Freshly baked falafel with pickled turnips, romaine lettuce, red onions hummus with our signature sesame sauce

Greens Harvest Bowl 

We have a selection of fresh made daily harvest bowls featuring rice, beans, mixed greens and roasted vegetables.

Pizza Slices 5.00

We bring in a selection of our Famous Peppers pizzas daily. These pizzas are baked without the addition of oil using local meats and a white and whole wheat blended crust.

Ham and Cheese Melt 5.00

We make these ham and cheese sandwiches in house daily using whole wheat bread, real cheddar and our ham which is cured in house.


Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, croutons and Caesar dressing

Fresh Greens Salad 5.00

Fresh mixed greens with mixed vegetables and a selection of salad dressings

Veg of the Day

We serve a cooked vegetable as part of a meal or as a side. Rotating selection daily.

Potato Wedges 4.00

These freshly seasoned and baked potato wedges are made fresh from whole PEI potatoes daily.

Assorted Sandwiches 4.00

We make a selection of sandwiches daily with our house made focaccia bread and house crafted meats, fresh veggies and house sauces.


Yogurt and Fruit Cup 4.00

Yogurt and selection of fresh seasonal fruit made fresh daily

Fruit Smoothie 4.00

Fresh fruit smoothie blended in house daily.

Muffin 2.00

Selection of muffins baked in house daily

Cookie 1.50

Selection of cookies baked in house daily

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